Question:  When was the last time you picked up the yellow pages to find a business?  To be honest I use the yellow pages as a booster seat for my guests that have children.  Let’s face it, the digital age is here.   Smartphones, tablets and the internet are how customers find your business online.  What can you do to make sure that customers find your business online?  Here’s a great article I found that gives 5 simple ways to make sure you have a strong digital footprint.

The key for any business to be found online is to establish an online presence with a website. But that’s not all it takes. Many well-meaning businesses operate on an “if you build it they will come” philosophy when it comes to their website, but it takes much more than a snazzy website to get customers interested in your business. Luckily, there are a few simple techniques that can help your website rise to the top of search rankings and give your small business a significant competitive advantage if done properly. .   CLICK HERE to read more



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