Next generation wifi is here! Wifi is good but Social Hotspots are better! Social Hotspot’s are designed for today’s socially inclined customer who wants to stay in touch and receive offers while in your establishment.

With our Social Hotspot’s you will receive:

  • Real time ad injection – send targeted ads while customers are in your establishment
  • List Creation – create awesome marketing lists for retargeting
  • Advertising sponsorship opportunities –more than one location? Create an ad network for a new profit center
  • Banner ads – fixed or float, banner or whole page. Endless call to action possibilities with our ads
  • Crowd interaction – watch your crowds go crazy after you announce you have provided links to coupons and offers
  • Plug and play technology – give us a port & an internet connection and we’re online. We can have you creating marketing lists within a few hours.
  • Branded landing page – custom designed log on pages that compliment your business
  • Social Interaction – when the user logs on with Social Media our software automatically posts to the users news feed
  • Monthly traffic reports – complete analytic’s of users activity while in establishment

Social Hotspot’s are the perfect solution for a business looking to offer free Wi-Fi service to it’s customers in a user friendly manner, while collecting valuable marketing data for future promotional retargeting campaigns resulting in increased engagement and customer loyalty

We are so confident that you’ll be amazed with the results that we are offering

Free Usage For 30 Days!

We will install our hotspot in your business.

No equipment costs, no installation fees.

For more information about our Social Hotspots click here or call 210-693-1565!

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