We are a digital marketing agency with a heavy emphasis in mobile marketing solutions. With our forward thinking mindset we embraced and employed the use of mobile early in our customers campaigns even before it became an acceptable marketing channel. As mobile marketing expanded we saw a niche that needed to be filled and we have successfully met the demands of this niche, introducing and employing  mobile marketing to small to midsize companies.

Our agency started out by providing custom designed, dedicated mobile sites that were optimized for a mobile device screen. As mobile penetration deepened we soon realized we needed to respond to the quickly changing mobile landscape and incorporate responsive web building  in order to provide a more well rounded menu of digital business services for our customer base. We met that challenge head on and put together a business package that we are very proud of, the Digital Business Pro package. This deluxe package has everything you need to remodel your existing online business or create a brand new online presence. This awesome packages offers two types of websites to video marketing to social media! This package is a complete integration of all of our digital services in one low price!

Targeted marketing is essential for business growth!  The cost of marketing is too expensive to “throw something out there to see if it sticks.”  We believe in marketing channels with trackable ROI’s!  Our Social Hotspots give our clients a plethora of information never available to them before!  Hometown, age, birthday, gender and time spent in establishment are just a sampling of the customer information provided to our clients through the use of our simple, cutting edge technology, known as Social Hotspots. We are installing for 30 days free so you can see the awesome marketing lists we can create for your business.

The future of marketing is interactive. With our clients so hard at work running their businesses it  is often hard for them to understand how quickly technology is changing around them and how important it is for their brand to respond to the changing landscape that is digital marketing.  See the graph below for the state of print advertising.

digital vs print advertising

The graph above compares the share of time spent with selected media to the respective medium’s share of advertising expenditure. Print advertising revenues could drop another 70 percent, if it were to be proportionate to the time consumers spent with print media. On average, Americans only spend 4.6 percent of their media time reading newspapers or magazines, yet print still accounts for almost 20 percent of total media ad spending. If the numbers at hand are any indication for the future growth of advertising mediums, the worst may be yet to come for newspapers and magazines.

Mobile reveals quite a different story. Americans spend 19.9 percent of their media time on mobile devices, yet mobile advertising only accounts for 4.3 percent of total ad spend. Mobile advertising is about to take off! Will your business be there when it does?

Social Media engagement is not a choice but a wise business decision. Sales will be hindered without social media integration! 


In closing, we build relationships with our clients! Our clients trust us to help them navigate through emerging media and technology to build their brands to attract, engage and connect with customers to increase sales and grow their business. Contact us today to connect with a marketing sales representative.