video-marketing-formula-rms-texas-new-braunfelsBy Shawn Forno

What’s your mission? Not your “mission statement” – your actual mission.

It’s a simple question, but most marketers don’t bother to answer it before plowing through video marketing budgets as they create company-centric content no one cares about. And they wonder why their video only has 87 views.

Let me be clear – your mission is not, “ let’s make money.” That’s a business plan, and while it’s essential, it has nothing to do with your marketing strategy.

Yes, marketing exists to increase conversions, generate inbound leads, and stuff your sales pipeline to the brim – that’s why you want a video – and video marketing is extremely effective at accomplishing these goals. However, the content of your marketing is not about the bottom line.

Your content is about helping your clients. The minute you turn the focus of your video marketing towards how great you are, no no one cares, and your marketing fails.” CLICK HERE to read more.

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